• Terrence Holder
  • Terrence Holder
  • Terrence Holder

B.Eng., M.A.Sc., BSSO, CFEI, P.Eng.

Technical Director, Civil & Structural Engineering, Building Science & Building Envelope

Toronto, Ontario



Terrence Holder

Mr. Terrence Holder is the Technical Director of the Civil & Structural Engineering and Building Science & Building Envelope groups at 30 Forensic Engineering. Terrence received his undergraduate engineering degree at Ryerson Polytechnic University in 1996, followed by his graduate degree at the University of Toronto in 1999. During his time at 30 Forensic Engineering, Terrence has been engaged in hundreds of forensic investigations. His expertise includes building sciences, concrete durability, and the evaluation of building structures. Terrence’s wealth of experience in building condition assessments has been vital to establishing the condition of building envelopes, interior finishes, and structural and exterior architectural building features. Terrence is qualified as an expert witness in the Ontario Court of Justice for matters related to concrete.

Building Code Compliance

Building Condition Assessments

Civil/Structural Failures

Concrete Structures

Construction Specifications

Contract Preparation



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