• Rob Parkinson
  • Rob Parkinson
  • Rob Parkinson

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D.

Vice President and Practice Lead, Biomechanics & Personal Injury

Toronto, Ontario



Rob Parkinson

Dr. Rob Parkinson is an injury biomechanics specialist. He is a Vice President at 30 Forensic Engineering and Practice Lead of the Biomechanics & Personal Injury group. During his time in the forensics industry, Rob has investigated claims involving motor vehicle collisions, slips, trips and falls, seatbelt and helmet use, product failure, and work-related claims, assaults and homicides and authored hundreds of expert reports from clients in law enforcement, legal and insurance industries. Rob holds an adjunct faculty position at the University of Waterloo and remains active in the teaching and research community, currently examining biomechanical issues such as helmet effectiveness and low back injury in motor vehicle collisions.

Biomechanical Modelling


Human Movement

Injury Biomechanics

Occupational Injury


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