• Pablo Robalino
  • Pablo Robalino
  • Pablo Robalino

M.Sc., P.Eng., PMP

Senior Associate, Civil & Structural Engineering

Toronto, Ontario



Pablo Robalino

Mr. Pablo Robalino is a structural forensic engineer specialist and project manager and a Senior Associate with the Civil & Structural Engineering Group 30 Forensic Engineering. Pablo has more than 20 years of work experience in engineering consulting within forensic engineering, mining, nuclear, oil and gas, cement, institutional, and other industries. As a forensic engineer, Pablo has investigated structural failures and damage to buildings and non-building structures as a result of inadequate design specifications or construction procedures, overloading or use changes, explosions in industrial facilities, fires, impacts to buildings or bridge structures, dynamic demands, deterioration of concrete and steel structures, foundation deficiencies, and soil-foundation interaction issues. Pablo has authored numerous expert reports for clients in the legal and insurance industries. Pablo has performed the detailed structural analysis and design of numerous structures. He has participated in the execution of all project phases, including engineering, procurement, and construction, along with multiple stakeholders and in a multidisciplinary environment.

Building Code Compliance

Building Condition Assessments

Civil/Structural Failures

Concrete Structures

Construction Management

Finite Element Analysis


Project Management

Steel Structures

Timber Structures


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