• Kamyab Zandi
  • Kamyab Zandi
  • Kamyab Zandi

M.Sc., Ph.D., Docent

Senior Associate, Civil & Structural Engineering

Vancouver, British Columbia



Kamyab Zandi

Dr. Kamyab (Kay) Zandi is a Senior Associate with the Civil/Structural Group in 30 Forensic Engineering’s Vancouver office. He is the author of over 100 scientific articles and is widely recognized for his expertise in and contribution to structural engineering, structural assessment and analysis, structural simulation and modelling, structural health monitoring, and structural codes and standardization. Dr. Zandi is the founding director of Timezyx, a construction technology company developing Structural Digital Twins of infrastructures for enhancing the management of the built environment under extreme climate events. He is also an affiliated member of Structures and Composites Lab at Stanford University and the principal investigator of the research area Digital Twin of Civil Infrastructures. Dr. Zandi is co-convenor of fib TG3.2 – Modeling of Structural Performance of Existing Concrete Structures, and a member of the technical committee at IWSHM – International Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring.

Civil/Structural Failures

Condition Assessments

Finite Element Analysis

Project Management

Structural Analysis and Design

Structural Code

Structural Health Monitoring


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