• Jamie Catania
  • Jamie Catania
  • Jamie Catania

B.E.Sc., M.Eng., P.Eng.

Chief Executive Officer and Technical Director, Collision Reconstruction

Toronto, Ontario



Jamie Catania

Jamie is the Chief Executive Officer of 30 Forensic Engineering and Technical Director of the Collision Reconstruction group. He has specialized in the study of collisions and mechanical failures for over 20 years, been the principal engineer of thousands of investigations and is qualified to perform all aspects of collision reconstruction. Jamie is frequently invited by the legal and insurance communities to provide his perspective on matters within his field and takes an active role in guiding the practice of forensic engineering in his professional community. He has been qualified as an expert on numerous occasions at various levels of the Ontario and British Columbia court systems.

Collision Scene Examinations

Collision Simulation

Collision Testing

Management of Multi-Disciplinary Investigations

Mechanical Fitness Assessments

Occupant Kinematics

Restraint System Effectiveness

Vehicle Dynamics Modelling

Vehicle Examinations

Visibility Assessments


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