• Courtney Kersten-Kwan
  • Courtney Kersten-Kwan
  • Courtney Kersten-Kwan


Senior Associate, Human Factors

Toronto, Ontario

(416) 368-1700


Courtney Kersten-Kwan

Courtney is a Senior Associate in 30 Forensic Engineering’s Human Factors group. Courtney graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor of Kinesiology (minor in Psychology) and Master of Science in Human Biodynamics (Psychomotor Behaviour). In 2008, she additionally obtained a Master of Science in Ergonomics (Human Factors) from Loughborough University, England. Prior to joining 30, Courtney has worked as a Human Factors consultant/specialist providing human factors design and experimental support across a variety of contexts and important sectors including emergency services, healthcare, nuclear, public transit, and armed forces. Recently, Courtney developed a fatigue management program for a large transit authority, to proactively mitigate risks associated with fatigue, particularly of importance were those impacting human performance and safety. Courtney has additionally worked within Canadian regulated safety management systems where she developed and refined her investigative and auditing skill sets.


Human System Integration

Job Demand Analysis

Mission, Function, and Task Analysis

Regulatory Compliance Audits

Risk Assessments

Safety Investigations

Standards, Manuals, Guidelines

Transportation Safety Audits

Usability Acceptance Testing


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