We offer complementary, dynamic presentations and seminars suitable for insurance, legal, and risk management professionals. These sessions have been accredited for Continuing Education Credits by the Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO), the Insurance Council of British Columbia, the Alberta Insurance Council, the Insurance Council of Manitoba, and the Law Society of British Columbia.

Civil/Structural Failure & Building Code 

  • Innovative Investigation of Complex Property and Infrastructure Losses
  • The Impact of Earthquakes on the Insurance Industry and Avenues for Post-Loss Assessments
  • Roofing Types: Losses & Repairs


  • Construction with an Insurance Mindset
  • Municipal Litigation Risk Management: Emerging Municipal Construction Challenges
  • Benefits of a Construction Perspective in Subrogation

Geotechnical Engineering and Mining 

  • Soil-Structure Interaction – Losses Requiring Geotechnical & Structural Expertise
  • Innovative Approaches in Forensic Geotechnical Investigations

Biomechanics & Personal Injury 

  • The Biomechanics of Concussion in Low-Speed Collisions
  • Understanding Emerging Technologies and Injury Causation
  • Biomechanics in Premises Liability Claims
  • Advanced Investigation of Slips, Trips & Falls and Personal Injury Claims
  • Multidisciplinary Assessments of Personal Injury Claims: Biomechanics, Building Code & Human Factors
  • Assessments of Restraint Use and Effectiveness during Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Multidisciplinary Assessments of Personal Injury Claims on Stairways
  • Presentation of Fatigue Injuries After Low-Speed Motor Vehicle Collisions: A Biomechanical Perspective
  • Engineering and Biomechanical Assessments of Rollover Collisions
  • Multidisciplinary Assessments of Personal Injury Claims in the Barrier-Free Environment

Collision Reconstruction & Special Investigations  

  • Collison Reconstruction Assessments of Suspected Fraudulent Claims
  • Road Design & Collision Reconstruction: Cover Your Bases in Liability Assessments
  • Latest Technologies Used to Investigate Heavy Truck Collisions
  • Assessments of Snowmobile and All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) Collisions
  • The Nuances of Collision Reconstruction and Human Factors Assessments in Collisions Involving Motorcycles
  • Assessments of Pedestrian and Cyclist Motor Vehicle Collisions
  • Vehicle Data Forensics
  • The Use and Limitations of Photo and Video Evidence
  • Forensic Approach to Hybrid & Electric Vehicle Investigations
  • New Technologies for Assessing Vehicle Collision Claims
  • Collision Reconstruction and Biomechanical Assessment of Injuries Associated with Public Transit

Transportation Safety 

  • The Relationship between Transportation Safety and Litigation Risk for Private Properties
  • Sustainable Safety Principles, and Design Strategies in an Era of Innovative Mobility Planning
  • Municipal Litigation Risk Management: Current and Future Roadway Risk and Liability Assessments
  • Winter Road Maintenance and Municipal Liability
  • Vision Zero: Eliminating Fatality and Injury in an Urban Multimodal Ecosystem

Renewable Energy 

  • Renewable Electrical Failures – Prevention, Response and Safety

Environmental Health & Safety 

  • Asbestos Awareness
  • Managing Risk and Regulatory Requirements of Designated Substances
  • Occupational Health and Safety Forensics for Employment and Labour Lawyers
  • Environmental Forensics Evolved: Emerging Challenges and Approaches

Multidisciplinary Remediation 

  • Remediation of Water Damage in Complex Environments
  • How to Stop Building Envelope & Environmental Issues from Turning Small Losses into Big Losses
  • Post-loss Remediation – Technical Pitfalls Leading to Cost Escalation

Materials and Product Failure/ Piping and HVAC 

  • Water Loss Investigations in Condo & Office Towers: Systems Overview & Failure Case Studies
  • Equipment Failures: Fire, Breakdown, Failure
  • Product Liability Investigations: How Everyday Objects Can Cause Big Problems
  • Sprinkler and Fire Alarm Systems Failures
  • Product Liability – Summer Fun Gone Wrong
  • Product Liability – Fire & Water: An Iconic Insurance Duo
  • Biomedical Device Failure

Fire, Electrical and Explosion Investigations 

  • Fire Losses from Start to Finish