Renewable Energy

For our renewable energy service, we mobilize a team of mechanical, structural, geotechnical, and electrical experts who have deep knowledge of codes, construction techniques, equipment, and material composition. Applying this experience and skill, we help our clients meet safety standards and assess system components, design principles, and operational characteristics related to solar, wind, and hydro power, and associated battery energy storage systems (BESS).



Review of existing or failed renewable energy systems
Extensive data collection and review of the design of the system specifications, installation information, operational data, maintenance records, diagnostic and monitoring data
Examination of various factors, such as design flaws, material defects, manufacturing errors, improper installation, inadequate maintenance, environmental conditions, and operational issues
Deployment of drone capabilities to capture entire site and all system components.

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Rashmiya Raviraj
Rashmiya Raviraj
Practice Lead, Fire & Electrical