Flood Risk Assessment

Sea levels and temperatures are rising, and the intensity and frequency of significant storm events are increasing. 30 Forensic Engineering has been involved with sufficient catastrophic loss events to recognize the value of good preparation and investment in loss prevention. To be prepared for flood events and to avoid the need for rushed last-minute preparations, residential and commercial property owners and managers must understand the risks associated with their specific situation. To this end, 30 Forensic Engineering’s flood risk assessment approach is to provide services that ensure that:

• Specific flood risk vulnerabilities are identified
• Tangible action plans are proposed, related to preventative maintenance, property upgrades, and emergency equipment procurement and storage
• Resilience and community-wide considerations are included in recommendations
• Help reduce claims costs associated with a flood event, and support insurance policy and risk discussions

Joel Bott, C.E.T., B.C.Q
Engineering Technologist
Design Lead

Dave Swan
Flood Mitigation