Our team examines all aspects related to transportation and its infrastructure. Our work involves the assessment of roadway safety, design, planning, operations, and maintenance of vehicular, bicycle, transit/rail, and pedestrian facilities, as well as interactions between users and these facilities. We are experts in all aspects of transportation safety, including new mobility modes, such as scooters, e-bikes, bikeshare, carshare, rideshare, driverless vehicles. In addition to undertaking investigations for litigants and defendants, we provide studies, plans, designs, and recommendations to transportation authorities and private clients to help ensure they maintain high operational and safety standards and reduce collision risk across their networks. We’re also educators, thought-leaders, researchers, and scientists. We teach, we train, we push the boundaries of convention to advance knowledge and innovation in the transportation industry.


Transportation Safety

Winter maintenance

Slip and fall

Pedestrian safety, design and planning, operation, and maintenance

Cycling safety, design and planning, operation and maintenance

Transit safety, design and planning, operation and maintenance

Rail safety protection, planning needs, track operation and maintenance

Scooter, bikeshare, rideshare, carshare, and other shared mobility

Truck and goods movement safety and operations

Parking lot safety, design, operations, maintenance

LCV safety and permit

Intersection safety, design, planning and operation and maintenance

Street, road and highway design, operation, maintenance

Illumination assessment

Traffic signal requirements, timing plans, operation and maintenance

Temporary conditions

Traffic safety pre and post loss investigation


Vision Zero and Sustainable Transportation

Vision Zero plans and policies

Complete street planning, design, and implementation

Traffic calming plans and policies

Traffic impact studies

Collision assessment, trend, and risk mitigation


Transportation Infrastructure Planning

Land-use and transportation planning, assessments, policies

Ontario Land Tribunal dispute

Area and citywide master plans, policies

Active transportation master plans, policies

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