Special Investigations

Our team has extensive experience in suspected fraudulent collisions, including research and crash test enactment to aid in the analysis of these types of incidents. In some cases, the collision evidence tells a different story than the eyewitnesses. We thoroughly examine all the evidence left behind by a collision to answer the critical questions about how it happened. Our team is comprised of qualified Collision Reconstruction experts and specialists in Biomechanics, enabling us to identify all relevant considerations for potentially disingenuous property damage or injury claims. Our multidisciplinary approach ensures all investigations are thorough and comprehensive. We are trial-tested engineers and scientists who take a hands-on approach to both forensic investigation and staying at the forefront of thought-leadership and research.


Collision Reconstruction

Vehicle and site examinations

Damage comparison

Damage causation

Paint colour comparison

Collision severity analysis

Vehicle dynamics (motion) analysis



Event data recorder (EDR) download and analysis

Infotainment systems download and analysis (Berla iVe)

Toyota Vehicle Control History (VCH) download and analysis

Physics-based collision simulations



Injury causation

Driver Identification

Seatbelt usage

Occupant motion

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