Our multidisciplinary remediation practice brings to bear the best that 30 Forensic Engineering has to offer from the assessment phase of a property loss through to emergency stabilization and restoration. Our project teams are custom-built across our business lines to provide a solution that addresses the needs of a particular file—one size does not fit all. We use a talent-to-task approach throughout the lifecycle of a file to deliver an efficient and fulsome response to a loss event. Our Remediation team comprises experts in environmental science and engineering, health & safety, industrial hygiene, and construction to deliver the necessary response commensurate with the complexity of the situation, be it a small flood or a large-scale CAT loss.



Rapid deployment and emergency response

Assessment, documentation and delineation of loss impact

Review of immediate security

Health & Safety hazards

In-the-field instruction and oversight



Development of clear scopes of work

Permits and approvals, coordination with regulators and authorities

On-site inspection and support

Project and contract management: costs, scope and schedule



Simplified communication and administrative point of contact

Coordination with key stakeholders: first responders, contractors, specialty consultants

Close-out reporting with requisite professional sign-off

Liaison with downstream activities: subrogation, future risk mitigation

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