Human Factors

Our team assesses the behaviour of individuals involved in collisions or other personal injury events to provide the insight needed to fully understand who and what contributed to an incident. Whether involving collisions, issues of roadway design, response to warnings and signage, or slips, trips, and falls, a Human Factors assessment can answer questions critical to disputes about liability and causation. Our team of scientists takes a hands-on approach to both forensic investigation and staying at the forefront of thought-leadership and research. We take great pride in delivering objective information in the clearest possible terms, so that clients can act decisively and with confidence knowing that each opinion you receive is backed by an unmatched depth of expertise.


Driver Behaviour

Perception and response time

Nighttime visibility assessments

Collision avoidance opportunities

Driver incapacity/loss of vehicle control


Pedestrian Behaviour

Slips, trips and fall assessments

Hazard detection

Lighting and walkway standards

Pedestrian response to signage and visual cueing


Roadway Safety

Collision and near-miss assessments

Compliance and risk mitigation analysis

Design and planning support

Vision Zero and Complete Street consultations

Pavement marking, signage, sightline and lighting assessments

Collision/claims history analysis

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