Fire & Electrical

Our fire team investigates the origin and cause of a wide variety of residential, commercial, and industrial fires. These include appliance fires, lithium-ion battery fires, wood-burning stoves, gas explosions, oxygen, natural gas and propane appliances, self-heating, and electrical equipment failures. Our team is a diverse crossover team of engineers, specialists, investigators, and technicians who are all Certified Fire and Explosion Investigators (CFEIs). For electrical investigations, we use our extensive, hands-on knowledge of electrical systems in utilities, generation, transmission, distribution, large and small industrial installations, electrical equipment and transformers, electrical underground infrastructure damage assessments, electronic components, inverters, residential and condominiums. We keep our clients informed of our progress and findings through each step of an investigation and produce reports that are concise, understandable, and actionable.


Origin and Cause Determination

Residential, commercial, and industrial fire and explosion investigations

Rapid execution and deployment to site

Expert analysis of fire patterns and damage and document review

Superior evidence management and storage procedures

Joint inspections and examinations

Drone capabilities for capturing large and/or dangerous scenes

Clear, concise, and actionable peer-reviewed reporting


Litigation Support

Review of Fire Marshal’s reports

Review of expert reports and response reports

Factors beyond cause: fire separations, fire department response time, sprinkler system failures, alarm failures, in-depth analysis of circumstances leading to the fire

Mediation attendance

Expert witness testimony

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