Digital Media Analysis

Our team investigates digital image and video evidence to uncover the true nature of an event. Image and video can often provide critical evidence for identifying aspects of a case that may otherwise hinge on human memory or misinformation from first-hand witnesses. However, this evidence does not always show what it appears to show, and great care must be taken when making decisions based on digital evidence alone. We thoroughly assess this digital media evidence, interrogating its authenticity and integrity, using advanced photogrammetry, state-of-the-art laser scanning hardware and more, to determine what really happened, who the parties of interest are, and if the accounts of those involved are credible.


Image Analysis

Metadata analysis

Image clarification/enhancements

Photogrammetry for:

  • Subject Height Assessment
  • Object dimensions
  • Evidence location

Comparison analysis for:

  • Signature assessments
  • Altered documentation
  • Clothing


Video Analysis

Metadata analysis

Video Retrieval from the original source

Video Transcoding and Rewrapping

Video clarification/enhancements

Camera frame rate testing

Photogrammetry for:

  • Subject height assessments
  • Vehicle or object speed and trajectory determinations
  • Evidence location
  • Line of sight assessments

Subject tracking through multiple cameras

Chronological video display

Video Synchronization

Courtroom demonstratives

Virtual Video Recreation

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