Our experts come from a wide array of construction backgrounds and have proven track-records in managing and executing design and construction projects, resolving disputes, and providing unbiased expert opinions in construction-related forensic investigations. We provide valuable insight at any stage of a construction project’s life cycle, from design and permits through execution of construction work, and final project close-out, including claims resolution.


Project Best Practices

Standards of care of Owners, Inspectors, Designers and Contractors

Construction design scope and bid peer-review

Cost and schedule review and analysis

Risk assessment and risk management

Design alternatives and deficiency resolution

Site inspection

Permits and approvals


Dispute Resolution

Expert opinion reporting on origin and cause of construction failures and post-construction root-cause analysis

Litigation support and testimony

Mediation, appraisal, arbitration, and adjudication



Forensic review of cost, scope, schedule, and contract analyses

Peer review of damages and claim quantum

Support of construction claim review

Failure investigations

Major infrastructure including water, waste, and transit facilities

Environment and mining

Trucking and heavy vehicle collision

Construction-related injuries and health and safety regulations compliance and policy review

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