Collision Reconstruction

Our team leverages the latest technologies to analyze the evidence left behind by collisions and answer the important questions about why they happened. We use a multidisciplinary approach to ensure that all contributory factors (human, vehicle, and environment) are investigated. Over the past two decades, 30 Forensic Engineering’s Collision Reconstruction group has evolved into one of Canada’s largest and most respected teams of highly specialized vehicle dynamics experts. We have developed an industry-leading reputation that instills confidence amongst our valued clients by consistently ensuring all examinations are thorough and comprehensive, and results are delivered clearly and free from any bias. Our multidisciplinary team of trial-tested engineers and scientists is integrated with specialists in human factors, biomechanics, roadway design, event data recorders, digital media, and commercial, hybrid, electric, and recreational vehicles, so that all relevant factors are quickly identified and expertly considered. In addition to garnering recognition within the legal and insurance industries for our ongoing research, testing, and publication in peer-reviewed journals, we have earned a reputation as reliable expert witnesses who are objective and credible.



Evidence documentation using the most advanced scene and vehicle examination techniques

Event data recorder retrieval – including airbag control modules, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), onboard diagnostics, and infotainment systems

CCTV & dash cam video retrieval by certified technicians

Restraint use and supplemental restraint system (SRS) performance

Defect and recall investigations

Vehicle performance testing



Collision avoidance assessments – driver

Collision avoidance assessments – vehicle: ADAS, collision mitigation, autonomous vehicle system performance

Determination of pre-impact speeds, vehicle motions, and driver actions

Assessments of contributory causes of collisions and their effects on collision avoidance (alternative speed, reaction time, etc.)

Evidence based verification/rebuttal of witness accounts

Collision severity assessments

Simulation and visualization


Commercial Vehicles

Heavy vehicle event data recorder retrieval and analysis

Dash cam video retrieval and analysis

Fleet telematics data analysis

ELD & hours of service analysis

Cargo securement

Mechanical fitness and failure analysis

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