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Our team evaluates what causes the inadequate performance or failure of building envelopes. A building envelope consists of the wall, roof, windows and doors, and foundation assemblies that enclose a building system and separate the indoor environment from the outdoor elements. In building science, we apply the principles of physics to explain how air, water, moisture, and heat may pass through the building envelope, causing property damage and/or occupant discomfort. Through on-site examinations and testing and review of all relevant design, installation, manufacturing and inspection documentation, our team finds the root cause of building envelope performance issues at any stage of construction. In complex cases involving multiple building systems, such as electrical or HVAC, our team leverages our in-house, specialized expertise to deliver the complete picture. Whether the next steps are remediation, mediation, or litigation, our clients are equipped with the scientific evidence to proceed with confidence.


Building Envelope Investigation

Origin and cause of moisture, water and air infiltration/exfiltration, and thermal variances.

Review of building enclosure failures including roofs (modified bitumen, buildup roofs, inverted vs. conventional, TPO, etc.), perimeter (masonry veneer, EIFS, Precast Concrete Panels, fenestrations, etc.), and basement walls (poured concrete, concrete masonry units (CMUs), insulate concrete foundations (ICF), etc.) and slabs on ground

Destructive (i.e., assembly openings, water testing) and non-destructive (i.e., visual, infrared cameras, moisture meters) investigation methods



Rehabilitation consulting

Construction specifications

Fire-rated assembly specifications

Steel, wood, and concrete structures and foundations

Retrofitting existing buildings

Construction inspections

2D and 3D construction drawings

Contract administration

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Meet the Building Science & Building Envelope Team

  • Terrence Holder

    Practice Lead

    Terrence Holder
    Technical Director, Civil & Structural Engineering, Building Science & Building Envelope
  • Emily Saleh
    Emily Saleh
    Senior Associate, Civil & Structural Engineering, Building Science & Building Envelope
  • Brett Lessard
    Brett Lessard
    Associate, Civil & Structural Engineering, Building Science & Building Envelope
  • Javeriya Hasan
    Javeriya Hasan
    Associate, Building Science & Building Envelope
  • Dana Bjornson
    Dana Bjornson
    Practice Lead, Building Science & Building Envelope