Catastrophic Loss Response

Our team understands that when a major disaster strikes, the need for timely response is critical. 30 Forensic Engineering designs our Catastrophic Loss Response to fit the needs of the reality on the ground. We are committed to the restoration of residences, businesses, and infrastructure. In times of crisis, short-term realities must be considered alongside long-term needs. Our Catastrophic Loss Response approach is to:

• Assess and document the full scope of damage as quickly as possible;
• Provide direction on-site to emergency contractors for structures, systems, and contents;
• Collaborate with contractor teams and provide independent verification and quality control, including cost and scope management, code compliance, and adherence to environmental, health and safety regulations; and,
• Avoid secondary re-work and liability throughout the life cycle of the file.

Whether it’s a flood, wildfire, earthquake, or tornado, 30 Forensic Engineering can deploy multi-disciplinary teams throughout Canada and internationally immediately to support response efforts. We consider it our fundamental purpose to help those in need; it is a privilege to support our communities whenever called upon.


Dave Swan
Consultant | Flood Mitigation
35 years of insurance restoration experience with specialized expertise in loss event response, specifically heritage properties, lifting and underpinning compromised structures, wildfire and flood CAT loss events, emergency deployment coordination and contractor prioritization.