At 30, we share a fascination for how things work. We love the mystery. The theory. The mechanics. The science. The rigour. We’re tinkerers at heart. Detectives. Problem-solvers. Truth-seekers. Perhaps most of all, we’re Reporters.

We’re always looking for more people like us to join us in our mission. Are you in?


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Our Vision

30 Forensic Engineering is committed to acting as a leader in forensic engineering and remaining at the forefront of technical knowledge and expertise. We aspire to be the firm of choice for leading insurance firms, law firms, industrial clients, and professional talent. We are committed to continuing to build our business on the tenet of determining root cause and communicating our findings in a decisive manner to empower our clients to make decisions with confidence.

Our Values


We find and deliver the truth.


We make scientific knowledge accessible.


We foster an inquisitive culture that inspires the entrepreneurial spirit.


We invest in the growth and happiness of our people.


We respect diverse knowledge and perspectives.


We facilitate open and honest communication.


We commit to have a positive impact on our community.

Our Culture

Welcome to 30 Forensic Engineering, a hub of unity, innovation, and excellence, where our commitment to mentorship and a flexible work environment sets us apart. As a unified team of forensic engineers, scientists, and experts, we prioritize smart reporting, providing detailed insights that resonate with both experts and laypersons. Collaboration is the heartbeat of our culture. Innovation drives us forward, ensuring our solutions remain cutting-edge and effective. Mentoring young engineers is a core value. Our senior experts, renowned in their fields, generously share their knowledge and guidance, nurturing the growth of the next generation of experts. Join our close-knit community at 30 Forensic Engineering. Together, we make a meaningful impact, supported by a spirit of unity, innovation, and excellence.

Employee Benefits

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    Health & Dental Coverage

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    Paid Time Off

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    Learning & Development

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    Wellness Subsidy

Open Positions

Associate, Transportation

Toronto, Ontario

Full Time


Intermediate Associate, Civil/Structural

Vancouver, BC

Full Time