Collision Reconstruction

Addressing Different Viewpoints

Working Together to Identify All Aspects of a Complex Claim

As any professional can attest, it is a full-time job to be on top of the changes in your area of specialization, particularly with recent advancements in research and technology. Insurers are feeling the effects of these changes as the claims they see continue to grow in complexity. It is becoming even more necessary for insurers to seek experts capable of identifying and addressing issues related to a claim.

Given the rapid development of forensics, each area of expertise now requires full-time dedication – it is becoming clear that a single individual cannot possibly maintain a competency in multiple areas. It is important for insurers to have the right firm and proper expertise supporting them while managing a file, so that important decisions can be made with confidence. In cases where a file manager is not sure of their expert’s qualifications, they should never hesitate to ask for a CV. If the file manager is not convinced, then it is unlikely the other side will be convinced, let alone the judge or jury.

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Robert Parkinson, Russell Brownlee, Edward Nagel