About 30FE

We are 30

With over 60 experts in 14 practice areas, we offer evidence-based solutions to clients worldwide.


Precision in investigation, clarity in solutions.

By applying science to evidence, our forensic experts uncover the truth behind each case. Our mission is to facilitate clear and unbiased understanding of the facts, allowing our clients to make decisions with confidence.

360° Services

Science is our foundation.

We provide 360° investigations through a four-stage closed-loop process that encapsulates all aspects of a failure, injury, or accident.

  • Prevention

    A review of structures, materials, processes, and contingency plans to help reduce risk.

  • Investigation

    An accurate, complete report that enables action informed by insight.

  • Remediation

    A thorough exploration of what can be salvaged, restored, improved, or re-engineered, along with the technicalities and liabilities involved, as well as a complete cost analysis.

  • Risk Management

    Ongoing outreach in the form of published research, education programs, and presentations to help designers of structures and products be more proactive in identifying and reducing insurance risk.

Our Story


    Founded in Toronto, Ontario, Canada


    Moves headquarters to 40 University Avenue, Toronto


    Rebrands as 30 Forensic Engineering


    Reorganizes as fully


    Opens Ottawa office


    Opens Vancouver office


    Opens Calgary office
what is 30?

What is 30?

From its inception, our firm has built a reputation for reporting facts intelligently, accurately, thoroughly, and without bias. Yes, we’re forensic investigators, but in a way, we’re really reporters. And that got us thinking. Years ago, when newspaper reporters submitted final copy to be published, they would type “-30-” at the bottom centre of the page. This would signify to the typesetter that it was the end of the piece, that the facts were all there—the whole story. We couldn’t think of a better way to describe who we are, and what we do.


We're hiring!

We’re hiring! Visit our Careers page to view open positions or send your resume to careers@30fe.com.