30 Launches Course-of-Construction Losses, Claims & Disputes Service

Construction can be messy – there are many parties and moving parts involved, which can often lead to delays, failures, and disputes. *Click on the image to the right to view the full service offering. 30 Forensic Engineering’s approach to supporting our clients’ construction-related issues for course-of-construction losses, claims, and disputes, is to:

• Recognize the uniqueness of every file
• Conduct our investigations with a clearly-defined scope, budget, and open communication
• Balance the need for clarity with a thorough and detailed review
• Incorporate the complex realities of construction projects into our desktop review

Our experts come from a wide array of backgrounds and have proven track-records of executing construction projects, resolving disputes, and providing unbiased expert opinions for construction-related forensic investigations. We provide valuable insight at any stage of the construction project’s life cycle, from design and permits through execution of construction work and final hand-over and project close-out, including claim resolution. Our perspective is grounded in our team’s unique blend of subject-matter expertise and real-world construction experience.