This Statement of Qualification (SOQ) Document outlines 30 Forensic Engineering’s consulting services related to forensic engineering in the geotechnical and mining disciplines. *Click on the image to the right to view the full service offering.

The Geotechnical and Mining Group investigates residential, commercial, industrial, heavy civil infrastructure, mining, and natural resource losses on the basis of sound application of science, soil and rock mechanics and, most importantly, our expert engineering knowledge and judgment. Beyond natural forces, the damage that occurs can be the result of inadequate investigation prior to design, limitations in the design approach, construction, or contract issues, and even human factors and error during the construction process.

Our investigations involve shallow or deep excavations, retaining walls, dams, natural or man-made slopes, or underground structures such as transportation tunnels, infrastructure, and mining tunnels. We look at damage to structures caused by settlement, heaving, vibration, or other foundation-related instabilities.

In the more complex cases, we work in multidisciplinary teams with our in-house specialists in buildings, structures, environment, and materials to provide an unbiased, technical, and factual analysis of the incident, with a goal of helping our clients make educated decisions to achieve a timely resolution.

Over the years, our team has been retained to investigate some of the largest and most complicated assignments in Canada and internationally. Our diligent, thoughtful, and well-communicated reporting continues to strengthen our reputation. As a result, we continue to be retained for increasingly larger and more complex projects worldwide.

Our Geotechnical and Mining Team has been involved in over 300 cases related to the following areas:

• Natural and man-made slope
• Reinforced slopes (soil nail walls, mechanically stabilized earth walls, etc.)
• Cuts and excavations
• Shoring and retaining walls
• Dams and embankments
• Tailings dams
• Residual soils
• Shallow and deep foundations
• Machine foundations
• Solar farms foundations
• Foundations construction
• Bottom heave failures of deep excavations
• Swelling soils
• Vibration damage to foundations and buildings
• Flooding and drainage damage
• Tunnel damage, grouting losses, settlement, collapse, flooding, and reconstruction
• Sinkholes
• Contamination and soil clean-ups (hydrocarbons, heavy metals road salt)
• Waste repositories (coal, tailings, sediments, etc.)

Meet Our Team of Geotechnical & Mining Experts

Published by:

Dr. Ahmed Fahmy, Ph.D., P.Eng.
Intermediate Associate
Geotechnical Engineering & Mining

Xiangyu Li, M.Sc., E.I.T.
Geotechnical Engineering

Angela Tvrtkovic
Project Coordinator